Progress to Date

Funds Raised 2019: $142,493

32% of ATPF 2019 Operating Budget

Children Screened: 17,696

SLP Students Trained at SJSU: 2,100

Joel Anderson

ATPF Artist, Author & ATPF International Ambassador

Joel Anderson

Joel's art at the age of five was well beyond his years.

He always has a pencil in hand. When Joel turned eleven he started painting, soon to follow was putting his art on note cards and starting his business "Joel's Vision Arts".

Diagnosed with autism at the age of three has not slowed Joel down. He has persevered through all the hard work of being the best he can be. In 2009, Joel graduated from high school with his diploma in hand! Currently he is taking classes in college toward a degree in animation. His dream is to make child friendly movies and animated books teaching good character qualities. Hid dream to have his art shown in New York City and Hollywood came true in 2011!

Joel's art has been seen in Nigeria, Scotland, Australia, Canada and across the USA. In October 2010, Joel received the Inagural International Naturally Autistic People Award for his Community Service. The ceremony was in Vancouver,B.C. Canada. There he met many wonderful new friends from around the world. For the 2011 ANCA Awards Ceremony, Joel was honored to be one of the hosts, and represent the United States of America, he also sang, held an art workshop and displayed his art.

In 2012 Joel was an International Ambassador for ANCA alongside Dr. Temple Grandin. Joel has a passion for sharing about Autism Awareness and How to be a Friend to kids and adults with special needs.

His desire is to encourage and support kids with autism all over the world. The Autism Tree Project Foundation family has been a life changing catalyst for Joel since 2003. With their support, Joel has spoken to thousands, from elementary school kids up through high school, universities and corporations like SDG&E Sempra Utilities. He has appeared on many news and radio stations and shared the stage with autism supporters Lorenzo Neal, James Lights Out Tony, Adrian Gonzalez, Kyle Negrete, Doug Flutie and many others. His art is published in several books and in a documentary film.