Progress to Date

Funds Raised 2019: $204,037

46% of ATPF 2019 Operating Budget

Children Screened: 18,179

SLP Students Trained at SJSU: 2,300

Dr. Jennifer Oke, Ph.D.

Director & Founder of ATPF Mommy, Daddy & Me Playtime Group

Dr. Jennifer Oke, Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Oke, Ph D, is a clinical child psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. She is the Director of ATPF's monthly Mommy, Daddy & Me Playtime group and Co-Director of the ATPF Parent Mentor Program. Dr. Oke received her doctorate under Dr. Laura Schriebman at UCSD. She has been practicing in the San Diego community for 18 years.

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