We created the Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF) in April of 2003 when our 2 year old son Garret was diagnosed with Autism.

The Autism Tree Project Foundation was created as a way to help build community awareness for autism. Our goal is to give children on the autism spectrum a voice and additionally hope to build community compassion towards the parents and families of these special children. ATPF helps thousands of families with autism create a roadmap for their child with autism and navigate a very complex system of care required for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

All monies donated to ATPF go straight to helping real families in our community through one of our 20 critical programs we provide on-going to families at no charge making the Autism Tree Project Foundation very unique. We are a grass roots foundation and have only 1 full time employee on staff. We do not charge our families for ATPF programs.

We hope that by touching one family at a time, we can build a united front for the faces of autism in San Diego and beyond.

Todd, Dayna and Garret Hoff

Todd Hoff, Dayna Hoff and Garrett Hoff

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Autism Tree Project Foundation is an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A donation to the Autism Tree Project is deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please contact your personal tax adviser if you have any questions regarding the deductibility of your donation. Tax ID: 71-0942573.