Our Mission

ATPF is the only organization of its kind, serving San Diego and the Bay Area communities through CARES: Community, Advocacy, Research, Education, and Screenings. Every year, we change the lives of more than 6,500 children and families living with autism.


Our mission is C.A.R.E.S:

  • Community - provide a sense of community for individuals living with autism and their families through our programs
  • Advocacy - empower parents to become advocates for themselves and their children with autism
  • Research - compile and disseminate the most up-to-date information regarding multi-disciplinary approaches to treating autism
  • Education - educate parents, teachers, and the community about the characteristics and needs of individuals with autism
  • Screenings - provide referrals to those who can effectively identify early signs of autism, giving parents the chance to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan at a critical time in their child's life

Founded in 2003, ATPF is dedicated to improving communities in San Diego County and the Bay Area by assisting with mentoring, advocacy, research, education, and screenings for families impacted by autism.  ATPF encompasses 20 programs and services that are designed to engage children with autism in a variety of activities that aim to improve their confidence and behaviors, as well as their social support. From 2006-2020, our ATPF Early Intervention Preschool Screening Program had provided developmental screenings to 20,602 preschoolers throughout San Diego County and the Bay Area.

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