Annual Neuroscience Conference

Connect with forward-thinking leaders and join individuals within the  global neuroscience community to learn about scientific synergy on an international level.

Creating a heart connection between families living with autism and the global neuroscience community.

The Autism Tree Project Foundation Annual Neuroscience Conference is a day-long collaboration that showcases cutting-edge findings and innovations in the field of Neuroscience and Autism.  This conference brings light to new groundbreaking research with the intention to foster collaborations and new ideas and create a heart connection between the global neuroscience community and families living with autism, including a panel on international Autism at Work initiatives and featuring a panel discussion on neurodiversity from adults on the autism spectrum living successful lives.

When ATPF created this event in 2015, we designed it to not be your ordinary scientific meeting, but rather an encounter of people with various backgrounds and open-minds who care about autistic individuals. We are interested in different global perspectives, so the meeting is attended by top scientists, researchers, families, foundations, donors, local media and therapists.

On Friday, November 12, 2021, we are hosting our first all virtual Global Neuroscience Conference. The virtual conference will be streamed on UCTV, which has a YouTube subscriber base of half a million, reaches 4 million cable homes, and 2.5 million monthly video views.

Our Keynote Speaker is Sir Simon Baron-Cohen, clinical psychologist and professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Cambridge, Director of the university's Autism Research Centre, and world-renowned author of The Pattern Seekers.

The ATPF Annual Neuroscience Conference is chaired by Alysson Muotri, Ph.D. of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine and moderated by Roger Bingham of the Salk Institute.

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