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Find the training and resources you need to support the autism community.

Read below for ideas for how you can support the autism community at your school with Autism Tree's help:

Schedule a Red Flags Training Workshop at Your School

Founded in 2006, the mission of the Autism Tree Early Intervention Preschool Screening Program is to identify preschoolers with communication delays and assist families in navigating the services system to access interventions to support successful Kindergarten readiness. Early Intervention is key to the successful treatment of children on the autism spectrum. The screenings effectively identify early signs of autism spectrum disorders in children, giving parents the chance to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan at a critical time in their child's life. These screenings have been a lifeline in providing children and families the resources they need to be kindergarten ready. In addition, this program trains teachers and other professionals regarding Autism and Speech and Language Disorders and the“Red Flags”, as well as provide inclusive strategies to use in neurodiverse classrooms.

From 2006-2020, Autism Tree provided free screenings for language and developmental delays to children in local preschools throughout California by a Speech-Language Pathologist to more than 2,000 preschool children per year, with more than 20,600 preschoolers screened to date. As of March 2020, screenings have been temporarily on pause due to the pandemic, but our team has continued to provide referrals on an individual basis for families and Red Flag Teacher Trainings to schools.

Want us to visit you?
Are you a part of a private school, home schooling group, MOPS group, or preschool? To schedule a class or request an in-service for your organization, please contact us! We are happy to come to you to provide your organization with a variety of short and longer workshops on a variety of speech and language topics! The cost of this invaluable training is $500 for a group of any size.

Possible Topics:

  • Speech and Language Development: What is typical? How do I know if my child needs a referral for speech therapy?
  • Stuttering: What are the characteristics of stuttering? How do I know if my child needs to be seen by a speech pathologist?
  • Let’s Get Social: Social Skills and Social Language: Identifying Social Language Deficits and Facilitating Social Language Skills
in the classroom
  • Speech and Language in the classroom setting: How can I facilitate language during group activities for my students who
 have delays?
  • What other speech and language topics do you want to learn about?

Learn Music & Speech Therapy Early Intervention Strategies for the Classroom

The Autism Tree In Harmony™ program is a dynamic, structured learning approach that combines the specialties of speech and music therapy. In Harmony™ is based on the research principles of music and speech therapy. It is an integrated approach for acquiring essential skills in the areas of activities of daily living, community living, pragmatics/ social skills, motor imitation and academics. Sample goals and benchmarks can be easily utilized by a variety of educators and professionals.

In partnership with the Music Therapy Center of California, Autism Tree offers these In Harmony™ workshops to members on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

Helping a New Parent

If you have a parent who needs help navigating services through the school district, learn more and share about our Navigating Neurodiversity, School & Education Resources, and Parent Mentor Programs or contact our team with any questions.

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