Heart & Hooves Therapy Program

Heart and Hooves Therapy workshops are geared towards children, teens and families with ASD and is a different way to work on communication skills, 1-2 step instruction, transition, independent tasks, responsibility, courage, respect, patience, focus, listening, teamwork, confidence as well as sensory issues with different textures, smells and sounds.

Our workshop gives the individual the opportunity to interact and engage with a variety of farm animals in a safe, instructive environment. Individuals with autism are paired one-on-one with a mini horse and a handler that helps teach the basic safety rules, horses knowledge, how to correctly lead the horse and groom the horse. Games are offered to help work on different skills, taking turns and meeting new friends. Once done they get to meet and greet with other farm animals such as a goat, pig, cow, chickens, and a cockatoo bird. After that they get to have a refreshing and healthy snack, drink and enjoy the ranch!

Heart and Hooves Therapy workshops are sponsored by 1 FUR 1Foundation as a collaboration with Autism Tree to help give the ASD community the ability to be outside in a conducive learning environment with the use of mini therapy horses and other farm animals. Since 2019, this program has served 107 children, teens, and siblings, and over 90 families.

As of 8/17/21, this program is on temporary pause for the remainder of 2021. In 2022, we plan on continue offering this program virtually through Zoom. We will update once it is safe to visit the farm in person.

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