Progress to Date

Funds Raised 2020: $102,556

18% of ATPF 2020 Operating Budget

Children Screened: 20,602

SLP Students Trained at SJSU: 2,300

We have so much fun building LEGOs and practicing social communication skills with Dr. Oke!  LEGO®-Based Therapy is a social development program developed by Dr. Jennifer Oke, Psy.D., to help children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and related social communication improve social interaction and communication skills. This group provides an opportunity for parents, children with ASD, and siblings to interact in an innovative and meaningful way to build relationships and skills.

More than simply playing with LEGO®, therapy includes structure requiring children to communicate, express their feelings, problem solve, and take the perspective of others. In this approach, children, siblings and parents come together in small groups taking different roles while building collaboratively. LEGO®-Based Therapy can also be used in individual therapy to improve these skills. The ATPF LEGO® Parent-Child Interactive Group has proved to be an amazing way for kids and their parents to have fun while building critical social interaction, verbal, and non-verbal communication!


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