Navigating Neurodiversity Program

The Navigating Neurodiversity Program provides in-depth advocacy and guidance to parents new to the autism diagnosis or in need of help navigating the very complex system of care required for children with developmental disorders. The purpose of this program is to educate families step-by-step on how to choose the right treatment path for their child, build a personalized plan of action, and give parents the support they need to ensure a successful future for their child.

In partnership with McGowan Advocacy Group, this program will offer FREE access to:

  • 5 Hours of direct consultation and one-on-one mentorship with ATPF Parent Mentor & Special Education Advocate Michelle McGowan
  • 1 hour group consultation workshops detailing how to navigate the benefits and services offered through the San Diego Regional Center, private practice therapists, and school districts
  • 10 Minute on-going educational video series (Example topics may include but are not limited to: What to Expect at IEP Meetings; Top 5 Things to Know If Your Kid is Age 3; What is ABA?; What Are My Options If My Kid Gets Kicked Out of School?)

The goal of this program is to empower parents and caretakers with tools and knowledge to confidently advocate for their special needs child for life.

Registration is open NOW for August-December 2021. If you are a family new to the autism diagnosis, this is your first time getting an IEP for your child, you are having issues with receiving services from the San Diego Regional Center or IHSS, or are just in need of personalized help for your family and would like to sign up for this program, please email

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